Want the safest birth? Make your birth safe, sexy and Orgasmic!

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Science to the rescue for a Safe, Sexy, Scientific and (yes) Orgasmic Birth

By Debra Pascali-Bonaro

The Safest Birth is also the sexiest and most Orgasmic! Learn the practices that make birth unsafe, make birth safest, and what we can do!


First, it’s important to talk about what makes birth UNSAFE. In our current model of maternity care there are many practices that increase risks and are not supported by science. Here are my top 6 current practices that cause birth to be less scientific and less safe, instead of the safest birth practices that support gentle, orgasmic, and sexy birth.

What Makes Birth Unsafe

  1. When women are put into bed their labor is longer and more painful.
  2. When women are denied food and drink and instead given an intravenous drip (IV), the natural hormones of birth and pleasure are diluted – making labor longer, more painful, and less pleasurable.
  3. When women are treated with disrespect and without privacy, they are not able to open as easily, naturally, or comfortably, leading to more interventions.
  4. When women are scared and have fear, our tension creates more pain leading to the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle identified in the 1940’s by Grantly Dick-Read in his book “Childbirth Without Fear”.
  5. When women are told they must push on their backs and not use gravity to their benefit.
  6. When women are scared adrenaline and cortisol levels RISE and our oxytocin levels diminish, causing more pain, stress, and fear and less pleasure and progress.

It’s important to emphasis and focus on the things that make birth safe too! (Hint: follow the science) These tips for the safest birth are supported by science and research, and are used by gentle birth practitioners around the world.

What Support the Safest Birth?

  1. Science supports that women should move and dance in labor.
  2. Research supports that women deserve the ability to give birth with respect, be fully informed and involved in all decision making.
  3. Science supports that allowing our own hormones to flow and peak in childbirth means natural pain reduction, and progress – kissing, touching, and loving will increase these hormones.
  4. Research supports that having continuous support by a doula reduces rate of cesarean sections and interventions and increases satisfaction.
  5. Science supports that gravity will help baby move into the pelvis for a more gentle birth.
  6. Research supports that women need privacy, to feel safe, and to be undisturbed and unobserved during childbirth.
  7. We BELIEVE that when we see these changes made around the world, women will have safer, more gentle, joyful, blissful and (yes) Orgasmic Births!

Science supports a Sexy Scientific Birth!

It’s time to ask and demand a Sexy Scientific Birth in every setting. You and your baby deserve to birth with respectful care and an environment that will create the most ease and pleasure and be the safest birth for you and your baby. Share this post and download the infographics for sharing.

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Learn more about scientifically backed birth methods via our blog “ShowMeYourCochrane” and demand #ShowMeYourCochrane when anyone tells you otherwise!


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