Picture this...

An intimate, sexual moment. 

… but the door was unlocked


… you are wearing a hospital gown


… anyone could walk in (even strangers!)

Sounds terrible doesn’t it?

Instead you’d probably prefer to:

… wear something sexy

lock the door

… ask strangers to stay away unless necessary (and definitely
knock & wait for invite in!)

dim the lights

… add some lovely

run a bath or warm shower

Sounds so much better, doesn’t it?

Birth is intimate, private and sexual and requires the same flow of hormones to proceed in the most efficient way possible. It’s also one of the most memorable, life-changing moments for the birth giver – a day they never forget.

What would you change if you thought of birth as sexual?

… would you take off that hospital gown and put on something (or nothing!) that makes you feel like YOU, strong, sexy, powerful, YOU?

… would you lock the door, and ask people to knock and request entry before barging in?

… would you dim the lights, add candlelight and diffuse some delicious essential oils?

…would you run a bath and enjoy the relaxing, opening, weightless and pain reducing effects of the water?

And what about the medical stuff?

© Monet Nicole www.BirthingStories.com

With all the power and sexuality flowing out of you – wouldn’t you feel more in charge of your own story?

Wouldn’t you feel less like a patient and more like the person in CHARGE?

I believe you would follow your body’s flow, moving into the positions that felt the best – wiggling, dancing, moaning through your waves and during pushing.

I believe you’d drink when you felt thirsty and eat when you felt hungry, allowing your body to dictate how much and when instead of an IV which causes water retention and diffuses your hormonal flow.

© Monet Nicole www.birthingstories.com

Which sounds better to you?

Birth is part of a woman’s sexual life.

Giving away power in birth decreases the ability to find pleasure as the hormones of female sexuality are the same hormones that flow in childbirth. The easier your hormones flow the easier and less painful, or more comfortable and pleasurable labor & birth can be.  

Science is telling us that birth can and should be sexy! Yet we have been conditioned to the industrialization of birth – trusting medicine rather than women´s ancient knowledge of how to make birth easier that many people can’t imagine anything else but PAIN.

Too many women are suffering. Outcomes are getting worse, not better in the US. 

We do have the answers (you have the answers inside of you!) Lamaze International has highlighted the best evidence in their 6 Healthy birth Practices – they include moving, continuous support including doulas, finding your positions and following your rhythms, and having a range of options for comfort and support that all support your natural hormonal flow.

This hospital room features a variety of comfort tools - tub, shower, birth ball, window shades, lights that dim, a birthing stool, ceiling hook for hanging pull rope and fully upright bed!

Don’t be fooled by talk of only pain and fear. This is a by-product of putting women down and not providing a full range of comfort measures that we know can make birth safer, easier and more pleasurable.

Change the environment to one that supports you in intimacy, and birth will change too.  

Enjoy this humorous video from Italy about “Sex Like Birth” & share your thoughts below about the sexuality of birth!

Which environment and situation would you prefer? We’d love to hear from you tweet us @OrgasmicBirth


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