More pleasure can be found in birth by bringing in movement, rhythm, ritual and relaxation to birth. The importance of understanding how these aspects, along with love, care and respect can never be understated. 


In this episode, Debra navigates how comfort during labor and childbirth is crucial to a safe, healthy and pleasurable birth. She breaks down different techniques that can help you have a more pleasant experience. She stresses how the environment in a birthing room can affect birth and points out the importance of using balls during labor and finding positions that help you lean forward. Tune in and learn how to find movement, comfort, and pleasure in labor!


In this episode:

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  • Pleasure can be found in movement and birth can be more enjoyable when attended to with care and reverence
  • Oxytocin is important for labor and can help with surges, but it’s also important to rest and alternate activity with rest
  • Make sure to find the three Rs in labor: relaxation, rhythm, and ritual (from Penny Simkin) 

Key Takeaways:

  • Birth can be enjoyed more when attended to with touch, song, dance, ritual, and other elements of comfort
  • The key to finding comfort during labor is to find positions that help you lean forward and to keep your knees lower than your hips
  • When you’re in labor, you’ll be leaning forward and moving, even though you do all you can to encourage your baby to move and rotate,  we are all unique and some baby’s prefer the scenic route.  Don’t feel guilty! You only have 50% of the say, birth takes both you and baby to navigate together.
  • There are many ways to get oxytocin going during labor, including kissing, touching, nipple stimulation and  using round balls or peanut balls
  • If you are the partner laboring, it is important to be aware of your partner’s rhythms and affirmations, as well as your own

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