Ep. 23 – Take Care of Your Body After Birth with Claire Eccleston

Ep. 23 of the Orgasmic Birth Podcast

Take Care of Your Body After Birth with Claire Eccleston

Our body has been through a lot after childbirth. It is only rightful that we take time to recover and honor it. In this episode, we are joined by Claire Eccleston, a mother of three beautiful children, an experienced registered midwife, a Spinning Babies® approved trainer, and a biodynamic craniosacral therapist. She is passionate about the ancient arts of birth support and began her journey with birth from a bodywork approach. Claire talks about vaginal preparation before childbirth, and what happens to our body after pregnancy. She highlights the importance of understanding and honoring the body and how you and your partner could gradually resume intimacy. Listen and enjoy!

In this episode:

  • How to gradually resume intimacy with your partner after childbirth  
  • The thickness of scar tissues can pull organs out of shape causing limitation in mobility in the womb and discomfort


Key Takeaways:

  •  We must include vaginal preparation when planning a vaginal birth
  • Start familiarizing and honoring your vulva by connecting and exploring 
  • Treat lovemaking after birth as a virginal because your body has been through a lot
  • Make an intimacy plan with your partner
  • Massaging your cesarean or vaginal birth scar with castor oil helps flatten the tissue and stops the scar from getting thick
  • Embrace and honor post-birth bodies with the support of your partner


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