Ep. 31 – Birth As a Sexual Experience: The New Epidural with Dr. Aviva Romm

In this episode, Dr. Aviva Romm discusses embodied birth as the new epidural and how it can be a beneficial option for some women. She shares her insights about birth as a sexual experience and the importance of the feeling whole and connected in our bodies during this experience. Dr. Aviva breaks down different options for childbirth and the importance of honoring all choices when it comes to birthing. Listen and enjoy!

Ep. 30 – Life After Birth with Dr. Diane S Speier

Today, Dr. Diane S Speie provides great insights about how to make the transition to parenthood a positive experience. She is here to discuss – Is there sex after birth?: Sex and Intimacy in the Fourth Trimester”. She emphasizes the importance of talking openly about birth preferences to help create a better experience for both parents and stresses why sexuality is just one aspect of intimacy. Tune in and discover how to thrive in the Fourth Trimester!

Ep. 26 of the Orgasmic Birth Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Margaret Jowitt to talk about how familiarity with a woman’s anatomy could greatly impact one’s experience of childbirth. Clitoris’ role in reproduction is often disregarded but with proper understanding and technique, it can actually ease the intensity of labor and make up for a positive birth experience.