Ep. 86 – Empower Your Birth: Transforming Trauma into Pleasure with Moran Liviani

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Ep. 86 – Empower Your Birth: Transforming Trauma into Pleasure with Moran Liviani

In this transformative episode of the Orgasmic Birth Podcast, host Debra Pascali-Bonaro explores the complex journey from childbirth trauma to empowering and pleasurable birth experiences with guest Moran Liviani. As a seasoned birth doula, Lamaze educator, hypnobirthing practitioner, and placenta encapsulation specialist, Moran offers valuable insights and personal reflections on overcoming past traumas, facing unconscious beliefs, and fostering a supportive environment for birth.


In This Episode:

  • Learn how Moran uncovered the patterns affecting women’s births and why it’s crucial to heal unresolved issues and traumas during pregnancy.
  • Understand the importance of working with both the mother and her partner to dismantle fears and unhealthy beliefs, fostering a safe birthing environment.
  • Moran shares the profound differences in her labor with her third child, painting a picture of growth and change.
  • Discover how to follow Moran’s work, engage with her content on social media, and benefit from her online private sessions.
  • Debra highlights the enriching doula workshops available on orgasmicbirth.com, inviting you to learn and share your stories.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Moran Liviani’s personal journey from birth trauma to empowering birth experiences underlines the significance of addressing past traumas and unconscious beliefs to ensure a safe and positive childbirth.
  • The crucial role of support systems in transforming birth experiences is highlighted, demonstrating that having a doula or a community of like-minded individuals can empower and normalize the birthing process for expectant mothers.
  • Moran’s transformation from a traumatic first birth to her subsequent empowered experiences emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s instincts and valuing intuition when making birth-related decisions.
  • The discussion between Moran and Debra sheds light on the psychological components of childbirth, showcasing that mental preparation and working through personal triggers can profoundly influence the labor experience.
  • The episode encapsulates the ideology that every birth comes with a lesson and that empowerment and pleasure in childbirth can lead to profound personal growth and increased confidence for the mother.


Key Quotes:

“Embracing your vulnerability can lead to the most orgasmic, powerful birthing experience.” – Moran Liviani


“The moment you realize you’re the protagonist of your birth story, everything changes.” – Moran Liviani


“Parenting began the moment I chose to approach birth as a celebration of strength, not a trial of endurance.” – Moran Liviani


Connect with Moran!

Website: www.2life.com.au

Instagram: @2lifedoula

Facebook: 2Life Doula


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