Key Essentials for Creating a Powerful Birth Memory

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What do you think of when you think of a Powerful Birth? It’s possible to create a birth experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. What can you do as a partner, birthkeeper, friend to help a laboring woman shape a powerful birth memory? Here are a few simple elements that are not only possible to bring to your birth to create a powerful birth memory but are also basic human rights for every mother. Enjoy!

obirth Slide obirth Slide7 To me, the miracle of bringing life into the world includes riding the wave, riding the personal power surge that opens a woman’s body, allowing her baby to gentle slip into the world. This often takes place in dimly light rooms, basking the mother in love and gentle whispers of caring birthkeepers. There are so many ways to connect to and honor our power in birth and life. Start your journey by creating peaceful, sacred birth ambiance with lights, sounds, smells.  In some parts of the world we sing babies into the world, honoring their sacred journey. What will you hear?

obirth Slide3Knowing you have all the support you want and deserve to unconditionally love and nurture you is an essential part of a safe satisfying and pleasurable birth experience. While your caregiver may come and go, and nurses are often busy with 2 or more women in labor, you deserve to have support from people who have NO other responsibility, who will not leave unless you ask them to, and who will love your thru labor- offering you touch, rebozo comfort, encouragement and trust you and childbirth. Continuous support from partners, friends, family and/or doulas makes a world of difference….

obirth Slide9LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… When I think of giving birth, I think of a woman’s power on every level. Love and sensuality are essential and the more love you are surrounded by the more you release oxytocin, the hormone of love – the easier and gentle birth unfolds.

Respect is key. I suggest you listen to your intuition on this, do you feel respected by your caregiver in prenatal visits. Do they know your name, really look at you and listen to your fears, desires? Do they ask about your culture and beliefs and ways they can honor them in childbirth? If not, ignoring your needs in pregnancy is a sure sign that in birth you may not receive the dignity and respect you deserve.

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Safety and Privacy…. The safer and more private you feel, the more you create that loving feelin’ and the more your hormones flow. What can we do to facilitate what each mother needs to feel safe and private?

Know all your rights and when decisions need to be made, make sure you have all the information you need and if not (in non-emergent situations) take time to ask questions, to understand the benefits, risk, and alternatives including waiting another 30 minute to re-evaluate, giving you time to think and/or pray about it and then knowing that you can either agree or refuse. When care givers take the time to value and include you in all decision it feels different than having procedures done to you with your understanding or in some cases approval. Be a part of decision making.

Trust biobirth Slide5rth, trust your body, prepare for birth with the education and information you need to address and release your fears to gain confidence in your body and birth. The body that grows your baby knows how to birth your baby! Bring you whole being to birth! Body, mind, spirit, sensuality and sexuality, the more you see birth as whole and prepare in the fullest way to move thru labor with calm, connection and gentleness so you can open fully to the experience the more you will ride the waves of labor and birth yourself and your baby into a powerful birthing goddess who will more thru the challenges to savor your accomplishments with pride and joy.

You deserve to give birth with love, dignity and pleasure, creating a powerful memory that you will savor all your life! Prepare for nothing less than a transformative, powerful, pleasurable birth experience! Visit

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