Orgasmic Birth – it’s a thing!

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Revealing you experienced the Big O giving birth is almost always met with cries of ‘Oh No!’. From shock and revulsion to simple disbelief, so many people can’t comprehend that childbirth can be pain-free – or even pleasurable.

But why is this? After all, childbirth is the ultimate expression of a loving relationship. And bringing new life into the world should be the happiest and fulfilling experience of all.

But in the Western world, much of the magic and joy has been stripped away, with childbirth made into a medical procedure to be endured not enjoyed. Labouring women are told to lie prone on beds and pumped full of drugs to numb their natural sensations.

In many countries, women are made to fear being in labour and giving birth. We’re only told about problems, pain and what can wrong. And as we all know – whether it’s going to the dentist or having your legs waxed – fear ensures your body tenses up and you feel pain evermore acutely.

In childbirth, fear can be amplified, slowing down your body’s natural reactions, leading to pain, distress and un-needed medical interventions.

But it needn’t bShare Your Birth Story with Orgasmic Birthe this way – and there are signs a change is coming.

A new survey from UK-based video parenting site Channel Mum and the Positive Birth Movement reveals six per cent of mums described giving birth as ‘orgasmic’ – ranging from sensations of deep pleasure to full on orgasms.

A further 24 per cent of mothers said they ‘love’ being in labour and giving birth. Overall 67 per cent of the 2,209 mums quizzed described birth as ‘a very positive experience.’

The survey has been met with shock in some quarters, but as anyone who studies birth or enjoyed a positive birth themselves knows, birth can be amazing, exhilarating and yes – even enjoyable. And the real shock is why this has been kept secret for so long and is still seen as a taboo subject!

So while it’s not possible for everyone to always have a perfect birth, there are many more mums who could be enjoying happier experience and childbirth without fear.

The survey also showed 92 per cent of mums-to-be seek out birth stories from other mothers, and 94 per cent go on to share their own birth experiences.

So we believe the best way to help women is to be open and honest about your birth experience. If you loved being in labour or had a pleasurable birth, tell other women and tell the world.

The more mums who speak up, the fewer who’ll be frightened going forward. We’ve asked mums – and dads – from our community to share their stories – please see them here:

So take a little look, and we’d love to hear all about yours. You can find Channel Mum on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @ChannelMum

Want to find out more about what our Birth Story said? Watch it now:

Share your birth story with Orgasmic Birth! Share your story.

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