Dreams Decoded

Do you ever wake and wonder what message your dream is telling you?


When you are pregnant do you find that your dreams are even more vivid and offer insights to your changing body and world?


Have you ever had a dream that literally was life changing?


I have had all the above!


One of my most amazing dreams was to make a movie about childbirth and that dream put me on a path to create our award winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret.


I always say “We Birth the Way We Live!” – and now after my call with amazing friend, colleague and midwife Margie Wallis now I have to say “We Dream the Way We Live!”


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Life offers us so many opportunities to go deeper into achieving our desires, healing and finding meaning. Margie’s Dream Decoding tool is a gift I am thrilled to share with you.


Download the audio now!

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Talking with Margie reaffirmed why I have found my passion in childbirth – there is no other day that offers so much opportunity for Power, Pleasure and Orgasmic Joy!  However, it is still a journey to clear the cobwebs that can get in the way whether as a pregnant woman, partner or BirthKeeper.


Margie’s lessons and insights were an amazing Ah-ha moment for me. I am getting my dream journal out and looking forward to implementing her tips tonight!


What are your dreams telling you? I would love to hear how you enjoy Margie’s nuggets of wisdom. Tweet us at @orgasmicbirth and let us know what you have discovered about your dreams!


Watch our conversation below, or download the audio to enjoy on the go!


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Margie WallisMargie Wallis is a Certified Professional Midwife in Frisco (Frisco Birth Center). She and her husband are proud parents of four sons.

Right after high school, she studied biological sciences with a goal of pursuing obstetrics.  But, realizing she wanted to get married and have children, she switched her major so she could get a Bachelors degree before starting her family.

Each of her four births moved her further along the path toward midwifery.  During her 15-year career as a stay at home mom, Margie built a satisfying career as doula and childbirth educator.  When her 4th son started Middle School, Margie began her pursuit of midwifery.

Margie has devoted her career to helping women embrace pregnancy, birth, and parenting and explore the richness of life through these most rewarding and transformative experiences. Learn more about Margie 



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