Storks Bring Circle of Life Reminder

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photo 1How has your week been? This past week, while facilitating workshops in Germany and Austria, I was filled with so many of life’s pleasures. One morning, as I took my morning walk, I began to reflect on the many way I discovered pleasure in my life, and as I rounded the bend back to my host’s home with all my gratitude swirling a path before me, there were three storks with the sign that a baby girl had just been born.

Of course you say, birth always appears on my path, but each birth is unique and miraculous. I took a moment to stop and say a blessing for this new babe and her family and then I read the sign. Her name is Philomena Luisa Maria (Philomena meaning “friend of strength”). Filomena is my grandmother’s name, and the name, had I been born in Italy, I would carry too (traditionally as the first granddaughter I would have been named after my mother’s mother). I felt my grandmother’s presence, the circle of life, reminding me that our connection are so deep and all around us when we only allow ourselves to open to them and pause to let them in.

Please share, where have you felt this connection in your life lately?


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