7 Ways to Let Nature be Your Doula

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photo 5Recently I was in Germany and Austria facilitating Birth Doula Workshops. In the mornings I took morning walks and would reflect on the many ways I discover pleasure in my life and how you too can create and find pleasure for the birth of your baby, or the birth of a project (your “creative baby”). Life provides us so many opportunities and I am grateful these messages were put on my path to share with you, as you birth your dreams. One way is letting nature be my doula. Here are 7 Ways I let nature be my doula and you can too….

#1. Cross the bridge from fear to Power

Leaving fear & old beliefs that don’t serve us behind. As is began my walk only a few blocks from Angelika’s home in Furstenfeld, Austria I came to a bridge. I stood to watch the water run under it, and to reflect on how a bridge has so many meaning and possibilities. What did I want to leave behind today that no longer serves me, how can I create more pleasure and a life full of love and acceptance? What will you let go of and what will you create? Let nature be the doula that helps you release fear-filled ideas related to your body and childbirth  that can you leave behind to help you birth yourself?

#2. What sights in nature connect you to the greater universe?

One image I will never forgot was the beautiful Crescent moon hanging over Alps in the twilight. The moons glow on the gentle giants, gives me so much peace that even in the darkness I find light. When I gaze at the moon I think of others I know and love, and yet to know and love, gazing at it too- what elicits this feeling in you? Let nature be the doula that helps you glow and connect.

photo 4
Workshop host, Melanie, and her daughter in Germany.

 #3. Woman’s Continuous Presence

Walking down a quiet path, I came upon a circle of horses together with their colts, and my heart filled with awe and love. The cool breeze and glistening sun created a sacred glow around me and the majestic creatures. Science is only beginning to understand the way we affect one another’s physiology, and thus why women’s continuous presence in childbirth effects the physiology of birth creating a safer, shorter, easier birth. Read my blog “Doula Circle: Love is the only thing that lasts” to explore this more. Who is part of your circle of support in life, and who will you bring to your birth to support and nurture you? Next time you gather with a group of women to sing, dance, share and listen- pay attention to how you feel after. What words would you use to describe the effect of a few hours with our girlfriends on your body and mind? Let nature be the continuous presence that supports you and your circle of support.

#4. Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

Her life improved dramatically when she decided to break the rules and find beauty where she was told there was none.” -unknown. Each day I have taken time to walk, to enjoy the fall flowers, to enjoy the mares with their colts, the sun rises and sunsets that remind me of the constant changes that are happening around me and within me. Take time to walk today, to connect and/or to enjoy some aspects of nature and the changes within you too! What do you notice in your daily life or routine that is beautiful to you that you did not notice before? Let nature doula you so well that you’re mind is free to find the beauty.

Angelika with Support Pole#5. Prepare to be Supported

I love this picture of Angelika with the beautiful pole she created for labor and birth. Traditionally many women used poles and sticks to move, dance and squat from. Pole dance away to bring you sacred sexuality and sensuality to birth. Read our blog about pole support during childbirth and let us know your tips or if you hope to use. Sometimes it is important to prepare physical support when we are letting nature be our doula.

#6. Celebration & Ritual

In the beginning of October in Germany, October Fest (of course!) is in the air and everywhere! I love rituals that people look forward to year after year. How is it that we have lost some of the rituals to celebrate pregnancy, birth and parenthood? What celebration and rituals will you create to honor your journey from maidenhood to motherhood? Let nature help you create ritual to celebrate your body.

photo 1#7. Circle of Life & Death & Life Anew

As I rounded the bend back to my host’s home with all my gratitude swirling a path before me, there were three storks with the sign that a baby girl had just been born. Of course you say, birth always appears on my path, but each birth is unique and miraculous. I took a moment to stop and say a blessing for this new babe and her family and then I read the sign. Her name is Philomena Luisa Maria (Philomena meaning “friend of strength”). Filomena is my grandmother’s name, and the name, had I been born in Italy, I would carry too (traditionally as the first granddaughter I would have been named after my mother’s mother). I felt my grandmother’s presence, the circle of life, reminding me that our connection are so deep and all around us when we only allow ourselves to open to them and pause to let them in. When you listen to nature, where do feel and find this connection in your life? Let nature be the doula that holds our hands thru birth and death and the circle of life.

Please share in the comments or on our facebook page how you will let nature be your doula this month, or how you already have let nature be your doula!


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