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ABC 20-20 Happy and Healthy New Year to all. A great kick off to 2009 was the airing of the ABC 20-20 segment  January 2, 2009 The direct video link is: We are thankful to ABC, JuJu Chang and our producer Gail Deutsch for a great job of providing a glimpse into our documentary and sharing about the pleasure and possibilities that birth holds.  We are creating quite a buzz on blogs and as Lee Stranahan shares in his article on the Huffington Post… “Pascalli-Bonaro says she wishes some critics who just seem to see the title would actually see the film.”  I hope that people reading here will do just that!  As Sue McLean, from The Birth Circle, a screening host in Australia said: “We just had our screening and the response was amazing!!I woke up with such a smile on my face!! Incredible turn out! We laughed, cried cheered and clapped our way thru this wonderful film. Lots of warm fuzzies in the air today!!and lots of inspired women and midwives. We will change the way birth is ‘managed’ one baby at a time.” It is such an exciting time as together we rock the boat and create waves of change! I am so grateful for all your support and help in this process. Together we are making a difference.   It is truly a labor of love and our birth into the Prime Time Television was “orgasmic”. With Love and gratitude, Debra

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