Birth Boot Camp Includes Orgasmic Birth in Curriculum

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Birth Boot Camp Includes Orgasmic Birth in Curriculum

Donna Ryan, Mother and Childbirth Educator/Founder/President of Birth Boot Camp, a 10-week course for couples wanting a natural birth, shares her perspective on the Orgasmic Birth Movie and how it is received by expectant couples who take the course.

Like you, I’ve watched a lot of videos about birth over the years. Some are inspiring and make you grab a tissue, even causing you to make your “ugly cry” face. Others, you might find yourself screaming at the TV in frustration. They also might cause you to cry out of what was or might-have-been. Orgasmic Birth was different. I purchased Orgasmic Birth as soon as it was released in 2008. I held screenings in my community and have used the video in my classes since the first time I saw it. *

First of all, the couples giving birth in the film are as different as the types of births themselves. Some hard-to-approach topics, such as sexual abuse, are covered respectfully and thoughtfully. 

I love that women make noise during their labor. There is no music covering their sounds. We actually get to hear her say, ‘I’m scared” or “I can’t do this” and then triumphantly come out on top.

Personally, I have 4 children, 3 of which were born without pain medication. I am, what I call, a “vocal birther”.  It wasn’t until my fourth baby that I had come to terms with the fact that I make a lot of noise during labor. It is my “rhythm”. I don’t know that I could labor without making those low sounds.   

In the majority of the childbirth education birth videos I had seen, the women were quiet. I had this fantasy that I would push my baby out in a dimly lit room, without making any noise. I felt I hadn’t handled things well since I made noises that might be considered animal-like and certainly embarrassing to an outsider. Many of the women giving birth on Orgasmic Birth are loud! It made me feel OK about how I gave birth. As I’ve attended births, these are also the sounds that I hear many women make. They are good. They are helpful. And they are normal. Couples – both moms and dads – need to hear them and be familiar with them.

Orgasmic Birth explores a side of birth that is not talked about. As a society, we choose to ignore the sexual side of birth. It makes us uncomfortable. This film, with the catchy and controversial title, is about much more than just having an orgasm during childbirth. I’ve had couples in class shy away from the movie because of the title, but then come back to class bursting with excitement for the movie and their opportunity to give birth. They can’t wait for their turn!

When we were writing the Birth Boot Camp curriculum and searching for and buying birth videos, we knew we wanted Orgasmic Birth to be a part of our classes. Whether you take classes online or in-person, you will likely see a couple of births from Orgasmic Birth. The discussion from these particular births is amazing, and in many cases, life-changing. Many couples- including dads- realize through this sequence of the film that they CAN have an amazing birth.  

If you are pregnant and would like more information on taking a Birth Boot Camp class, please visit our website to find an instructor in your area. If you would like to do online classes, it’s an option that couples all over the world are enjoying. All couples receive the 155-page workbook, our comprehensive Breastfeeding DVD “The Ultimate MRE”, and loads of additional resources as you work together to achieve your natural birth. Be sure to check out the Birth Boot Camp Blog too. If you have had an unmedicated birth and would like to become an instructor yourself, read about our certification program.

“You CAN have an amazing birth!”


*  See in-home licensing agreement


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