Labor Pain Prevention

In Part II of our six-part video series with Dr. Sarah Buckley, we weigh the benefits and risks of using an epidural for pain management in labor.

Our naturally occurring hormones of labor also act as pain relievers.

Together with Dr. Buckley we discuss how these work, how an epidural can effect our hormones, and ways to close the gaps when we do need an epidural.

We do want to honor those that chose to have an epidural. No one should ever suffer in birth and sometimes an epidural is the right choice.

However, knowing all of the benefits and risks, will help you weigh whether an epidural is right for you.

Watch below for more.

Story of a Birth Warrior

Stella looked curiously into our eyes. It felt as if I had always had her in my arms. After about 40 minutes Josh cut the cord and we went up. The midwives thought I was bleeding a little too much so they gave me a shot of synthetic oxytocin to stop the bleeding quicker. On my way into our bedroom I said that I wanted to do this at least 10 more times. Everyone laughed. In the light of a torch, Leopi gave me a few stitches since I had tore a little bit, probably because I had pushed so hard and fast. At last we got into bed and the midwives left quietly. The following day they came back to check on us and Stella. We stayed in bed for the rest of the week and were cared for by friends and family who came over with nutritious meals. That way we could spend all our energy on our little star.