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Doula Dance Party at Midwifery Today

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I didn’t know that it could get better…

And then it did!

Midwifery Today is a special home for me and so many of my colleagues. I always meet new doulas, midwives, nurses, educators, and doctors who often feel alone in their community but find they have a collective village and voice at Midwifery Today. This year was no exception, it only gets better! People came together from 40 countries to share their joys and challenges!

I was met at the airport by a dear doula friend Melanie Schone who took me home for a great lunch with her family before driving me through the Black Forest and into the small beautiful village of Bad Wildbad.  

The sun glistened over the water as we drove into town, a gorgeous reminder of the beauty that lay ahead. Midwifery Today has taken place in Bad Wildbad seven times, and I’m blessed that this was my 5th time to visit this special place.

Over the years I’ve been able to enjoy my dear friends and inspirational leaders here, Ina May Gaskin, Naoli Vinaver, Robbie Davis-Floyd, Marina Alzugaray, Robin Lim, while they are not here this year – they are always in my heart.  

This year I was back again with my dear friend and co-author of Orgasmic Birth, midwife, Elizabeth Davis, as well as Dr. Michel Odent, Jennifer Walker, Mirjam de Keijzer, Tine Greve, Ursula Jahn-Zoehrens, Elaine Stillerman, Sally Vijaya Krishnan, Cornelia Enning, Gail Hart, Sally Kelly, Hans Peter Schmidt, Thea van Tuyl, Meng Xue (Jenny),  and Jan Tritten the Mother of Midwifery Today.  

Seeing all their names written out like the reminds me how fortunate we are to have such an incredible group.

Together we learn, grow, share, dance [check out our silly after party video!] and bring more love to one another and birth!

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I always say “we birth the way we live” and I felt this so strongly as we discussed trauma, loss, challenge and pain. The older I grow, the more I understand that these are all part of life. Learning to honor the shadow with the light, to experience the challenge so that we can grow, to breathe and cry, to release and open, to heal ourselves and our path as birth keepers.  Though many tears were released these days, I could feel the healing as faces looked lighter, smiles returned, and we danced and sang with joy and love!

A highlight for me was when a group portrayed Orgasmic Birth during the Cabaret – I laughed so hard I cried!

Working in childbirth is blessed and hard.  We came together at #MTBW18 to learn, to recharge, to heal and to enjoy as pleasure abounds in Bad Wildbad.  From the beauty of the water and hot springs to the my favorite spa where we spend our last night singing Birth and Circle songs and soaking under stained glass and beside a Goddess Statue. As we gaze into one another’s eyes, we feel ourselves sparkling with Oxytocin, filled with love and ready to pass it along to all of our clients.

We are ready to Change Birth one baby, one mother, one father, one family, one person at a time. Change is coming – can you feel it?

Consider joining us for next years Midwifery Today in Belgium – see for more details.

Thank you Jan Tritten and all the Midwifery Today staff who organize these important conferences!

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