Orgasmic Birth Daddy

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I recently caught up with Arp Laszlo – a wonderful supportive partner and daddy who was featured in Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret.

He has the famous line “For my next birth I would like a much bigger bathroom!” – find out if Arp get’s his bigger bathroom, what he has learned and how he has grown since his first birth, and his tips for you!

Watch the video below or download the audio for on the go listening

4 Labors & Births Later – here is what Arp wishes all daddies knew for the first birth!

4 Postpartum Times Later – here are more Daddy Arp tips for supporting the mama!

  • Get sleep! Make sure mama get’s sleep -anyway she can, anywhere she can, and make sure you get as much as possible too!
  • Feed mama & eat well – real, nourishing food because everyone NEEDS the energy
  • Get a slowcooker and learn how to make giant batches of food that require little or no effort

Learn more of Arp’s tips, what he misses, and things he’d do differently.

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Arp Laszo is the fun-loving father of four beautiful kids, amazing husband and birth partner, and #orgasmicbirth daddy. You can find him on twitter #thisisarp and instagram and check out his incredible web work –

Arp and another #orgasmicbirth Daddy, Chaz, are working on a course for partners..stay tuned!


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