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Grey’s Anatomy + Orgasmic Birth

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“When you add Pleasure to Pain – Pain can become Pleasurable!” -Carina to Arizona in Grey’s Anatomy when discussing using masturbation to get a laboring mother’s natural oxytocin to flow, moving labor along in the most pleasurable way possible! Grey’s anatomy orgasmic birth

This is Grey’s Anatomy Orgasmic Birth Episode!

Yes, Yes, Yes  Well done Grey’s Anatomy! Grey’s anatomy orgasmic birth

 You captured so many of the issues that I speak about all around that world that birth is a part of a woman’s sexuality.  When we use the tools that nature designed for us, childbirth can and should be safer and more  pleasurable! Your writers, actors and researchers did an amazing job of bringing to light what I call the Best-Kept Secret of Orgasmic Birth!

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 14 Episode 3 “Go Big or Go Home”

Features a woman in labor who is not able to receive an epidural or pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) due to allergies and risks. The visiting Italian Obstetrician suggests that they give her oxytocin…natural oxytocin.  It is clear the other doctors haven’t thought of how to use a woman’s own natural oxytocin and don’t know what to do or how to support her.  This so well captures our current model, providers quickly giving artificial hormones and medications that carry well documented risks, and often unfamiliarity with natural ways to help a woman’s own hormones flow creating a gentler, safer, and more pleasurable birth.   The show even features some great dialogue about nipple stimulation, to which the Italian OB replies  “I am not talking about upstairs stimulation, I mean downstairs stimulation with climax of course!”

The conversations continue as I imagine they would in a hospital with Doctors. Their discomfort discussing sex and birth in the same sentence is palpable. The mother’s waters have released, so the doctors feel masturbation would be unsafe.  I love the reply – ”nothing needs to go up there – there is a perfect little bundle of nerves on the outside that is perfect for it. She still has 6 cms to go, that is hours and hours more of unnecessary pain and risk of unnecessary complications when the body has a built in mechanism to speed this along.  No mistake God  put the G-spot in the birth canal, I am just saying, What gets the baby in also gets the baby out!“  

They even quoted Ina May Gaskin a famous midwife who is also featured in our documentary Orgasmic Birth. I wonder if they watched our film or perhaps even viewed our new online childbirth class Pain to Power Childbirth – where I always say I will guide you to move from Pain to Power With Pleasure!  

Have you considered using pleasure to enhance your hormones in birth? If you were given the safety and privacy you needed to do so, is this something you’d try before or instead of using  artificial drugs given to you and your baby?  Why have we made intimacy taboo in childbirth when it is one of the most intimate things we do, bringing a baby thru our most sacred parts and bringing new life into the world?  

Thank you Grey’s Anatomy for being so bold to talk about the sexuality of childbirth, shining a light and helping to break thru taboos. They even feature wonderful birth sounds and as the OB returns listening to the sounds she says “So you decided to use my techniques?  To which the other doctor replies … No No No giving my patient and her husband some alone time – so he’s using some of his techniques”  … to which she replies “Why are Americans so prude – When you add Pleasure to Pain – Pain can become pleasurable!”  Next we hear the husband say” the baby is crowning”  – It worked!

Why are we so prudish?  Why don’t medical care givers want to discuss and encourage the connection to sexuality and the flow of our natural hormones in labor and birth?  Why are they uncomfortable with birth sounds that sound like great sex?  What are your thoughts as you watch this episode?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please join us in thanking Grey’s Anatomy for a great series and for showing birth as it should and can be! TWEET THEM

Grey's Anatomy Orgasmic Birth - Grey's Antomy Season 13 Episode 3 "Go Big or Go Home" Features Masturbation and Nipple Stiumlation as natural methods to increase labor hormone, oxytocinmic birth

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  1. Veronica Mitchell

    Wow! This is great. You know you’re on the right track once you see other people share what you believe in. Grey’s Anatomy is favorite show and I also watched this episode. Honestly, I felt a little hesitant agreeing to the idea when Dr Deluca suggested it. But later in the end, I realized that I shouldn’t always associate pleasure to something embarrassing. We should definitely celebrate orgasms and how it makes women full of power and strength.

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