Improving Birth: National Rally for Change – New Jersey

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Improving Birth: National Rally for Change – New Jersey   Billee Wolff, RN, LCCE, CD, is featured in the Orgasmic Birth movie and took the time to report from the Improving Birth National Rally/New Jersey yesterday. In the picture to the left, Billee is holding the “Demand Evidence Based Care” sign. Here is her post:     “To kick off Empowering Birth Week – Birth Professionals, moms, dads and children gather at Central State Hospital in Freehold, NJ as part of the Improving Birth: National Rally for Change which took place in 100 cities around the country. There were 35-40 of us gathered in support of evidenced base care. The head PR person (sorry I didn’t get his name) came out and spoke with Kelly Kinney, the rally organizer and said they had a meeting with all the OBs last week. He said they asked the OBs what was going on and the OBs said that women were demanding inductions and cesareans and what could they do? He also said his wife had 2 unmedicated births, so he was encouraged to invite her to join us.   This just highlights the need for education!! An educated public would not so easily be request or be talked into an induction or cesarean that wasn’t medically necessary. The Central Jersey Birth Network  is looking for ways to host screenings and birth events at local colleges. This truly is a major audience that needs to be targeted.”     Thanks for your post Billee!   Bille Wolff RN, LCCE, CD, is a registered nurse, Lamaze-certified childbirth educator, doula, and midwifery assistant. She has supported women birthing at childbirth centers, hospitals, and homebirths. Billee is a founding member of Birthnet, an organization of birth professionals serving northern New Jersey and Rockland County, New York. Birthnet provides education to the community about mother-friendly care as well as information about options in pregnancy and childbirth. Billee has worked with a local hospital in providing education to the nurses on the safety and benefits of waterbirth and non-separation of mother and baby.


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