Med Students for Homebirth

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Med Students for Homebirth I thought I would share a recent email I received from Missouri:  I’m so thrilled with Orgasmic Birth and we here in Missouri have had several wildly successful screenings, filled with mainstream people who have left with tears streaming down their faces, saying, “Wow, I’m going to tell all my friends. I had no idea birth could be this good!”  Most exciting is a screening that was done at the University of Missouri (with the huge med school there) last Wednesday. (Organized by a nursing student/aspiring midwife.) There were a lot of nursing and Womens’ Studies students there… as well as some medical students and residents.   Most thrilling was the call a local homebirth-friendly physician received a couple of days after the Orgasmic Birth screening. It was a fourth year medical resident who had been in attendance at the film. The young female resident was calling to tell her that she and a few of the med students who had attended the screening stayed to talk to each other afterwards and had decided that they would start a “Med Students for Homebirth” group at the University and start working towards changing the way the medical profession views homebirth and midwives.

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