My Interview with Deirdre Morris

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My Interview with Deirdre Morris Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with Deirdre Morris from Deirdre is a psychologist who now provides Spiritual Life Coaching (Law of Attraction) for couples seeking to enhance their fertility, facilitate a joyful pregnancy, and allow a safe, empowering birth. Of course, our conversation focused on birth!  We could have talked for days about the current state of birth in America but limited our discussion to about 48 minutes. The audio from the interview doesn’t have the pristine sound quality you would expect in 2009, but it’s the content of the audio that is important and needs to be shared. Here’s the link to the audio and a listing of our topics of discussion. (you may need to cut and paste the link to your browser) 0:00 About Debra3:30 Passion for birth8:00 Why birth is in crisis10:15 Implications of fear during birth13:30 What is possible?19:40 The power of the mind-body connection20:50 Is a positive birth experience available to all?24:45 Know your choices and be mindful of them25:35 Qualities and attitudes of women who have “orgasmic” births28:30 Becoming more comfortable with experiencing pleasure30:00 How to prepare33:45 Don’t just “get thru it!”36:00 Helping our children prepare38:55 Becoming comfortable with sexuality and sensuality39:45 Vision for the world 43:15 Take action!

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