Orgasmic Birth Doulas


Orgasmic Birth is happy to present our big New Years surprise…

A doula support organization specifically for those that are interested in learning more about supporting “Orgasmic Births”!

Are you a doula or birthkeeper? Do you believe strongly that women deserve, and can achieve powerful, pleasurable births

This this group is for you! Orgasmic Birth is currently in search of an incredible team of Doulas specifically interested in supporting families pursuing an Orgasmic Birth. The awareness of Doula support has steadily increased over the years, calling for diversity and a new set of special skills. With this in mind, we will be creating a new training program for Doula’s to expand their knowledge in this style of support. Our hope is to create a team of, “OBD’s,” or “Orgasmic Birth Doula’s,” who can collaborate with one another to further the development of their profession and support family’s looking for this specific support. The group is intended to internationally support our Doulas. Converse with your team, share your favorite OB related stories, (with consent from families) and receive the same type of support you always give.
You can apply for the group HERE, and your amazing administrator will get back to you soon.
We are very excited for 2017 and hope you will be apart of it!

Bonnie Toye, our administrator for the OBD group was first inspired to become a doula after watching the Orgasmic Birth documentary. She felt she had,  “found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” as she puts it.
Childbirth had always left her feeling uneasy and realizing there were such alternatives, motivated her to spread awareness to the countless people looking for the same golden possibilities. She was equally driven to support a group of doulas as passionate about OB as she was. Bonnie stands with our team as a lead in expanding the awareness of Orgasmic Birth and the assistance of our trained OBD’s. Join us today!



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