Orgasmic Birth in Popular Media -WMMR radio

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Orgasmic Birth in Popular Media -WMMR radio It’s been an interesting two days as Orgasmic Birth has been referenced in an article  about Jenna Jameson giving birth naturally to twin  sons:  And today on WMMR radio on the Preston and Steve show they discussed our Documentary.  A  woman called in who experienced an “orgasmic birth” as well as a physician who said while she had never had anyone she knew experience this, it was possible. I always find this comment from physicians interesting. If you had an orgasmic or pleasurable birth, would you tell your physician?  Even the woman that called in said it was only hours later she told her husband.  We recently had a screening where a physician spoke about enjoying the film, but was surprised he did not have any women in their practice experience this.  A woman in the audience stood up and said, I had an orgasmic birth and your were my physician at the time.  Many of the comments we are receiving are from women who said they never told anyone.  Not everyone has an orgasm with all the bells and whistles or experiences pleasure in a way that providers see it. Considering we have not been working to enhance or support pleasurable birth, it is not surprising many people don’t recognize it even when it happens. The physician on the Preston and Steve show  ended by saying she did have two friends who experience pleasure as well as pain with childbirth. The full discussion on the show goes on for about 15 minutes- discussing inductions, epidurals, water births and Lamaze breathing as events that either inhibit or contribute to the possibility of women experiencing pleasure in birth.  It is fun to see the concept being discussed on a morning rock radio station  Kudos to Preston and Steve for exploring the issues and having a fun discussion about childbirth.

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