Orgasmic Birth Inspiring the News

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Orgasmic Birth Inspiring the News

If you do a keyword search for orgasm and birth right now you will find hoards of articles and blogs on the topic in response to the recent article about orgasmic birth. Here we have included some articles plus some inspiring quotes and comments. Thank you for inspiring us and for being open (physically and otherwise!) to the pleasures and possibilities of birth and beyond!

HuffPost Live: Debra had fun on HuffPost Live with Nancy Redd. Thank you Nancy for hosting the discussion with Laura Shanley, Elena Skoko, Dr. Barry Komisaruk, and obirth’s Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Laura Shanley spoke to the shame response and when people ask her: “How is your child going to feel when they know you had an orgasm during birth?” Laura’s response: ‘…how do you feel that your father had an orgasm during your conception?” “Birth is a sexual experience. If we can just accept that and embrace that then it can be fun and exciting and exhilarating and a peak experience” Just get into the Zone!

Doug Barry writes for Jezebel: Orgasms Happen During Childbirth, but Only in France (Obviously) Turbotastic writes: I just find it fascinating that people are disturbed by the thought of a woman feeling physical pleasure and bliss upon bringing a new life into the world, but we’re perfectly okay with her experiencing mind-shattering pain that takes days to recover from.

Julie Ryan Evan’s writes for STIR CAFE: Orgasmic Births Are Real Says Study That Makes Women Nervous Shannon Lockwood responds: “The commenters who had experience with this said it was pleasureable but not sexual. I think I understand how that could be… I wonder if this is how humans are supposed to give birth but we don’t experience it because our cultural and medical programming have led us to expect only pain.” And the FarmersWife writes: “It’s sad how many women are embarrassed of their bodies natural processes and abilities. There is NOTHING in any birth experience that a woman should be embarrassed of. Anyone who has given birth knows your actions and feelings are not your own choices to be controlled, it’s instincts, survival and your body taking over! I think it’s logical that birth produces orgasm in some women. Orgasms can be purely physical- weather you like it or not! Your mind doesn’t always have to choose to be aroused.”

Lizzy Crocker writes for THE DAILY BEAST: “America’s puritanical roots have influenced our culture’s relatively sterile attitude toward childbirth and even breastfeeding in comparison to other countries. That attitude has no doubt influenced whether these experiences are pleasurable or aversive.”

And from the obirth facebook page, we love this comment from Kim Crayne since it addresses one of the misconceptions about orgasmic birth: “It wasn’t something I tried to do, it was something surprisingly pleasurable. Akin to orgasm, but with out the pulsing, it was like the pre or post orgasm feeling, lots of endorphins, or love hormones, just pleasure and joy, didn’t think of it as a sex act.” Thanks for sharing, Kim!

What are some of your favorite blogs, articles, and comments? What’s inspired you to be open to the pleasures and possibilities of life and beyond?

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