Peru Embraced Vertical Birth to Save Lives

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Peru Embraced Vertical Birth to Save Lives Vertical Birth – Stand up and deliver   I found the following article and video very interesting in discussing improving maternal mortality with the use of upright birth positions for women in Peru.   The first link is one women’s story and the second to an interview that includes an interview from the United Nations Population Fund and sites support from the Peru Ministry of Health for upright birthing.     The research is strong in support of vertical birth.  Lamaze International’s Care Practices for Normal Birth includes an informative PDF for Care Practice 5:  Spontaneous pushing in upright or gravity-neutral position.  Download the PDF at the link below to learn more about the benefits and research that supports what the indigenous women of the Andes have known for centuries.    As a slogan I love from England says ” Stand up and deliver, don’t take it lying down!”        

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