Orgasm – A Tool for Birth

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Submitted by Shiraz Ariel Drori, Israel

I am a mother of three great kids, birth coach and doula and want to share with you a special story. The idea that there is a connection between the womb and orgasm had emerged in my head when I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby. I had experienced a sensual pregnancy and enjoyed a very good sex life with my husband. I decided to try to use this powerful tool at my birth. The first labor was difficult due to the fact that I had a placental Orgasmic Birth!abruption and hadn’t realized it. At the end I gave birth naturally with no epidural and a small tear that required 4 stitches. At the time I didn’t think that the orgasm helped me but then I realized that maybe it did, maybe it saved me from a c-section.

2nd birth: 3 Years later. I was very much looking forward to trying to use orgasm at my 2nd birth as well. It was a healthy pregnancy and again, very highly sensual. This time contractions began at 6am and I took my son to daycare. I came back home and took a shower. Then I went to bed and called my husband. He came from work at about 11am. I had contractions every 7-8 minutes and they were not too painful. At this point I asked my husband to do to me what he does best when he wants me to achieve orgasm fast. He started on it and after about 20 minutes I had a good normal orgasm. At the time of arousal toward the orgasm, I hardly felt the contractions. Soon after that I felt as if my system had woken up to the labor. Very strong contractions started to appear and I realized that it was time to go to the hospital. On the way contractions got stronger and I started to feel a strong urge to push. I knew I shouldn’t push in the car and I prayed that I would get there on time. We finally got there and in between contractions I told the nurse I am giving birth!! She didn’t believe what I said and checked me. She started to scream that I am giving birth and rushed me to the delivery room. Two pushes and he was out, 15 minutes from the time we left our home, just one hour after reaching an orgasm. Again I needed 4-5 stitches (due to very strong and fast push). I felt I got what I wanted and started to think about how to reduce the risk of car delivery (due to the orgasm) and how to prevent tearing. I decided to try to do this again for my next birth.

Pain to Power Online Childbirth3rd birth: 6 years later Again it was a healthy pregnancy. This time I decided to reach my orgasm in the delivery room and not at home. I knew that the intensity of the orgasm can make delivery happen really quickly and I wanted an easy relaxed birth as much as possible. Contractions began at midnight and were not painful. At 6am my water broke and contractions got a little stronger. I decided to go to the hospital since it was Saturday and I didn’t want to risk getting caught in bad traffic. We got there at 6:30am and this time I had a doula. The check showed that I was only 2.5 cm and I was told that I was not in active labor! My doula and I started to do all kind of natural tricks and after 3 hours I was still 2.5 cm. The doctor said that if things didn’t pick up, maybe they would send me out for a walk. Contractions were mild. It was 10:20am and at this point I asked my doula to leave the room and to make sure no one gets in for 20 minutes. My husband is a religious man and therefore he was out praying Tehilim book (for good labor). I was finally alone with my self and I started to imagine all the things I know can turn me on in a sexual way and soon after that I started to masturbate in order to achieve orgasm. I managed to do that in about 20 minutes and I had a very nice orgasm. Once I reached it, contractions started to kick in one after another, getting stronger each time. I realized the labor was on a roll now and I was alone in delivery room. I buzzed and my doula came in. I managed to tell her I thought the baby was starting to crown and she was a bit skeptical. (At this point I couldn’t communicate at the peak of a contraction.) Next contraction (which felt to me as a pressure contraction which means I can push) the doula saw the baby’s head starting to show and called the midwife. Once the midwife was there she did tell me to push and with 3 or 4 pushes, my baby came out. Exactly 30 minutes after reaching an orgasm, no tears. A few words: I truly believe that the female orgasm exists in order for women to be balanced and to enjoy it but not just for that. It is also a tool we can use in labor. Since my first labor I have been teaching women about the benefits of the female orgasm for deliveries today.

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