We are about to give to birth to our documentary

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We are about to give to birth to our documentary It’s an exciting time for us as we are about to give our last pushes to birth/ finish our documentary Orgasmic Birth.  In anticipation we are applying to film festivals  in  2008 and preparing to update our web site and bring the film around the world.    I have been giving talks about Orgasmic Birth.   I recently presented a talk at the DONA International Conference in St. Louis in July. Here are a few of the comments from participants: As a gestating 1st time mother and doula, I still, as of 90 min. ago had fears of birth. But not anymore! Thanks for sharing such an important aspect of life. I experienced an orgasm at the birth of my son 31 years ago. Amazing and beautiful! Powerful and life-changing! What a wonderful way to empower women, educate everyone and de-medicalize birth. Thanks! I thank Debra for envisioning this very creative & real possibility. I’m looking forward to my own birth & becoming a mother. This is a profound life-changing concept! Thank God. I’m excited to assist many women in making it a reality. Truly an amazing look at the possibilities that birth can bring. I am looking forward to experiencing this one day. I am going back to Ohio and to my friends at the Ohio State University- it would be phenomenal to show this film there. Wellness programs, women’s studies, etc. A great spin on stereotypical births our society has made. Oo la la! What an awesome presentation. Thank you for your important work!   I look forward to staying in touch and sharing the next exciting steps.   Pleasurably yours, Debra

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