5 Tips to Finding Pleasure Every Day

What does finding pleasure in birth and life mean to you?

The deeper I go into finding pleasure in life, the more the right teachers appear on my path. Enjoy some of my recent inspirations and let me know below what your pleasure and bliss inspirations are, and how you use my tips in your life.

1. Celebrate pleasure as part of your overall health

The Sex MD Madeline M. Castellanos, MD wrote, “People may not think of pleasure as an important bodily function, but as an MD, I can tell you that it is vital and sometimes makes all the difference in the world. Your body-mind is designed not just to feel pleasure through all of your senses, but also to learn better, to think better, and to make better social connections when you are in your pleasure. The response that pleasure produces in your body-mind connects your nervous system with your endocrine system to normalize your metabolism, boost your immune system, and heal itself.” When you have pleasure and gratitude, your cells actually heal themselves faster! I invite you to find joy in the fact that your pleasure has a purpose. Celebrating the pleasure – any pleasure – is the way to let it transform you.  So when you masturbate today, throw yourself your own personal pleasure party!

2. Strengthen and Connect with your Pelvic Floor

For years I had heard of and practiced Kegel exercises as I’d always heard- if you don’t use it you will loose it. I felt that paying attention to all areas of our bodies, especially our vagina and pelvic floor, not only enhances our sexual health but helps us prepare for a safe satisfying birth. It was not until I contacted Kim Anami to be a guest in our webinar series on pleasure that I learned the importance of using a Jade Egg. She explained that doing Kegels without something to provide resistance, is like lifting my arms up and down 10 times a day with using a small weight. I would surely see improvement with 10 repetitions and any motion and exercise is beneficial, but the increase strength when you add weight is more than noticeable. Kim went on to say,

“…use your sexual power to magnetize what you want into your life – which means you need to be connected to your sexual energy and to your vagina. The Jade Egg Practice is “Kegels on steroids!!!!!”

That was it, I signed up to join her Jade Egg workshop. Not only did I gain strength but the Jade egg deepened my connection and awareness of my sacred sexuality and sensuality in ways that I had not imagined. What are you waiting for? Check out Kim’s Courses – right now she is offering the Well F**ked Woman salon.

3. Find 3 minutes of creative pleasure you can weave into each day

Put on your favorite song, sing, dance, draw, allow your creative energy to flow. Finding pleasure is not only about a day or time that all is going well, it’s like the quote,

“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” – Unknown

So find your bliss and remember that the more challenging your day, the more important it is to take 3 – 5 minutes to shift your hormonal state to joy and pleasure.

4. Meditate, pray, visualize – connect with your inner wisdom

Take time each day to feel your place of inner wisdom, divinity and love. Connect to your sense of peace, pleasure and calm. In the quiet of your mind you can unleash your thoughts to things that bring you peace, pleasure, purpose and passion.

5. “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” ― Joseph Campbell

“Follow your bliss” is Joseph Campbell’s famous quote, but even he said it’s not all about bliss-making. He describes the hero/heroine journey and how our challenges and difficulties can lead us to appreciate and find our bliss. So it is with birth, it is the heroine’s journey to face our pain, our challenges and dive deeper into the experience, rather than pull away or try and move away from the challenge. Connecting to our sensations and inner wisdom and knowing leads us deeper into feeling and appreciating our power, joy and bliss that birth and life holds.

I hope my tips help you. Now read on to learn about Kim’s 8-week pleasure course to rediscover your feminine body and wake up your libido….

Coming Out SexuallyJoin Kim Anami this month on her 8-week online e-course, or “salon” housed online in a private members’ area. Participants will be guided week-by-week in a deep and comprehensive education and re-education of all things related to female sexuality. The salon will show women (single or coupled) how to tap into the power and pleasure of their sexual energy through clearing blocks and giving them innovative techniques to use for a lifetime. It’s the sex and live-in-a-female-body education you never had!

This course is the complement to Vaginal Kung Fu, like a Well-F**ked Woman part 1 and 2. There is a bit of crossover between the two courses, but each stands alone. VKF focuses more on the vagina and the woman herself. WFW goes deeper into letting go, orgasms, and how the woman is as a lover: of self and partner. Learn more now.

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