A Picture Message

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by Nichole B

I discovered how inspiring photography could be for healing while sending pictures of myself to a good girlfriend a few years after I had my baby.  

During my pregnancy I had gained a good amount of weight, and although I was able to return to my natural size, I struggled to accept the stretch marks that accompanied my “new” body for some time.  I have a serious but equally light-hearted style to my personality, so in my pictures I focused on areas that I thought needed work: My post-baby midsection.  

What I began to discover however, was that my pictures didn’t look too bad at all.  What started off as a way to make a negative situation comical since I happened to also live very close to the beach, quickly turned into an artistic expression of the post-baby midsection.  Anyone can take a bad photograph, so why not take the time and effort to get a good one?

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My pictures tell a story of motherhood that is very normal, which is that the body can change how it looks. But most of all, photography has made it possible for me to be happy with my body the way that it is.  When it comes to body image after pregnancy, I hope that other moms can take their own pictures to use as inspiration for happiness and self-love.  There is a simple beauty about motherhood: after you have a baby, you don’t loose your body, your old life, or your sexuality.    

Thanks Nichole for this inspirational idea!

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