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Community Life It has been a very busy and exciting few weeks as I have attended our Long Island, NY, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and Brooklyn, NY screenings of Orgasmic Birth.  As well as numerous interviews for magazines, radio and newspapers around the world.  My local Pascack Valley Community Life newspaper ran an article today about Orgasmic Birth.   The reception the film is receiving from audiences and media  around the world is exceptional.  Glowing comments of how Orgasmic Birth both open and touches our heart and emotions in many ways.   Here are two comments among the many that will soon appear on our feedback section of our web site:   This moving film documents exactly why I started to attend home births and those experiences soon changed my practice in the hospital. Whatever the setting, the woman must be honored; we must trust Nature. In more than 250 home births I never had to transfer a mother to the hospital. Leo Sorger, MD, FACOG   Finally, the truth about birth. Some ecstasy, some agony, but beyond doubt a celebration. Women must know that birth is indeed the ultimate expression of their female power, in all its possibilities. Birds fly, fish swim, women do birth. Elizabeth Noble, PT Author, Founder of Women’s Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association   I am off to attend the DONA International conference in Vancouver, Canada where they will show Orgasmic Birth on Saturday night.   Have a great weekend, Debra  

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