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New Year, New Vagina from Sex Coach Kim Anami

I am so intrigued by Kim’s blog. Having enjoyed Sex and Relationship Coach: Kim Anami’s Unlock Your Pleasure O Birth Webinar, I thought it is time to start the New Year with her offer of increased pleasure (& orgasms!).

Childbirth Climax

While in Malaysia this past week speaking about respectful care, I always love the opportunity to open up the topic of pleasure, ecstasy and Orgasmic Birth. It is too often a forgotten aspect of childbirth, or the one aspect that is avoided, as to talk about pleasure and/or the sexuality of birth can make many people uncomfortable. Yet, for me it is an essential topic if we are to look at the ways to honor, respect and offer women the options and care that will make childbirth as safe and easy as possible.

The Face of Birth Documentary Premieres March 8th

FoB DVD cover

Are you looking to do a fundraiser for your group or to gather all your friends and colleagues together to view a new birth film?

Pleasurable Birth in the Press

In my workshops, I talk about one of my favorite subjects, how to have a Pleasurable Birth. We listen to the sounds of  a woman in labor. This always brings smiles, giggles and moments of intimacy with ourselves and our sexuality as births sounds much like good sex. We talk about sexuality and survivors of sexual abuse, as for many of us our sexuality has not always been all we desired and for many it includes trauma. Birth is an opportunity for healing and sadly, for too many women around the world, it is a time that they once again feel victimized.

Special Moments Inside Eat Pray Doula Bali 2012

It is hard to believe how quickly the 8 days at Eat Pray Doula went together. There were still more topics I wish I could have covered and wishing there was time to spend with each woman/doula to learn more about them.

Courage & Insanity, from Suffrage to Childbirth

Submitted by Hermine Hayes-Klein

Reflections of Gratitude from Hurricane Sandy


My Day at Feldbach Birthing Suites & IMBCI demonstration site

Each time I enter Fedlbach Hospital and see their amazing birthing suites I have to ask myself why can’t other hospitals do this? Why have so many hospitals set up the room with the smallest bed one has ever had when you are the biggest in your life?

Sheila Kitzinger’s latest book, Birth & Sex: The Power and the Passion

Is childbirth a medical condition or a beautiful natural event?

 “It’s become a war over our perception of pregnant women and the nature of pregnancy. Is it a potentially deadly medical condition requiring massive intervention to produce a “good outcome” or is it a beautiful, natural moment of bonding between human souls?

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