Media and Childbirth: Inducing Fear?

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Do you watch birth on television?

A study by Theresa Morris PhD and Katherine McInerney MA concluded,

“Reality-based birth television programs do not give women an accurate portrayal of how women typically experience birth in the United States, nor are the shows consistent with evidence-based maternity practices.” (BIRTH 37:2 June 2010)

A higher than average number of births on television require emergency c/section, and interventions. Even the theme music creates a feeling of emergency and fear. These are not typical scenarios! Rarely is birth an emergency, it is more like loosing a tooth – first it feels a little tender, then it starts getting a little loose, and then it eventually comes out on its own (or is removed by an eager child). So as with birth, one begins to feel and see signs and indicators, and in a majority of cases, (less than 15% of all births is fast) you have time to explore options, transfer if you are planning a home birth, and receive the benefit from the best of science and your care-givers.

Are you being educated by books and information on the Internet?

Just as above, regarding media, I would encourage you to make sure that the information you’re receiving online is accurate and supported by research. There is so much information on the internet it can be overwhelming to find what is accurate. The last few years, we have discovered a plethora of research that supports what many of us have long believed- “that women’s bodies and babies do best without technology and interventions unless there is a medical need that requires assistance.” Consumer Reports. We cP2P_IMAGE 03all this undisturbed birth, allowing our bodies and our babies to birth the way nature intended. Some information in books and on the internet is fear-based rather than helping you to release your fear and moved to confidence. Addressing and releasing your fears is essential to allow the hormones of childbirth to flow so you will give birth with ease. A good childbirth class will cover the hormones of childbirth and help you to find ways to address your fears and tap into the physical, emotional and spiritual connection that is an important element to creating a safe satisfying birth.

I personally suggest you seek out good birth stories in every setting and learn tips and ways to have a satisfying gentle respectful birth even if technology and cesarean should needed. Make sure the information that you are receiving about childbirth is accurate and supported by the best research called evidence-based care. To get you started we will be sharing positive birth stories from home and hospital all this month!

Please share with us, what are some of your favorite resources for positive birth stories and media?

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