Daira’s Orgasmic Beach Birth

Submitted by Birthkeeper, Linda Hamilton

It was one of the most beautiful days here in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. A postcard perfect day – the morning of May 28, 2014. At 3:30am earlier that day, I had woken up to a phone call – “hello Linda, I wanted to call and tell you that the contractions are 4 minutes apart”. I thanked him, told him that I’d wait until sunrise to come to them, and to keep me updated. By 6:30, I was walking along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to the place that they had shown me just the day before. “I’d like to have the baby here if I can” the mama had told me.

The seagrape and almond trees that border the jungle forest that lay just beyond this magical beach, cast mystical shadows in the tidal pools that lined the edge of the surf. Prehistoric looking birds cawed as they flew just a few feet above the crystal clear turquoise sea. I waved hello to the mother and father as they held each other closely in the warm water, and made my way over to Arakai, the other birthkeeper who had already arrived.

The birthing mother was quiet and focused. Centered. Strong. I watched her in awe – sometimes wondering if she was really in labor at all. She was completely quiet. The. Whole. Time. I would see the contractions come by watching her breathing change. This was the only indicator of her labor. She looked off into the ocean horizon in front of her – focused and determined. The ultimate picture of power and beauty.

As midday came and went, the tide began to come in and the calm, warm tidal pools became more rough and a bit cold and it became clear that mama needed a calmer, warmer spot. We all helped her out of the tidal pool and from there, she instinctively headed to a sunny place about 30 feet away. I walked behind her, and watched as she found her spot.

20140528_145457Naked, she knelt down in the sand and brushed away the beach debris of almonds, shells and driftwood with her hands and forearms. In a sideways motion, alternating arms. A mother turtle preparing her nest. I stood nearby and watched this beautiful, goddess/princess/mother turtle prepare the birthplace of her baby.

Daira, Daniel (mother, father) – and baby Ocean.

Once settled in her nest, the dad began to play his African harp beside her. Leaving them to their sacred space, I walked down the beach and began to swim around in the surf. About 15 minutes passed when the dad, with a huge smile, was excitedly motioning for us to come. I saw as I came out of the water, the mother squatting, with a little head hanging out. As Arakai and I came close, we took positions to the side and behind the mom. Dad was playing the harp, mom was still silent, smiling and gazing powerfully out at the ocean. Then, squatting in her little turtle nest space, she pushed her baby out the rest of the way. Lifting the baby up as she leaned back, with cries of delight, relief and pure happiness, she raised him to her chest, and held him in this first, beautiful embrace. “I love you so much” the father said to her, tears in his eyes and on his face as he gently kissed her and their new baby. Pure love and euphoria beamed through and around this new little family.

We all sat mesmerized by this infinite space of love and beauty. And as the waves crashed loudly – the sea mist, the sun and the ocean breeze joined together to caress us all with the power of life inherent in this miraculous moment of truth and bliss. I closed my eyes, turned my face to the sunlight and whispered “thank you”.

20140528_161513-1Once the placenta was delivered, we left the new little family to honor and feel this incredible sacredness together. Then after some time, we returned and while Arakai began to play her flute for them, I set about the all important task of taking this selfie!

20140528_182036The more I am a part of blissful, orgasmic birth experiences, the more I am convinced that the power that will change our world and us as a species originates from this place. The purity of who and what we are is completely acknowledged when we experience this, and from here, we see with new eyes what is possible. We feel hope. We feel true divine love in every cell, and feel transformed, ready and eager to truly live life – connected to each other in peace and love.

Linda HamiltonLinda Hamilton is a birthkeeper that lives on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. She is the Director of the Birth and Dying Faculty within the New Earth Institute.


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