Video Chat with Orgasmic Birth Parents, Piper & Chaz

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OB Conf. CouponPiper and Chaz were featured parents in the Orgasmic Birth movie and now join the movie director, Debra Pascali-Bonaro, for the Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference to discuss “The Most Empowering Experience.” They are now parents of 5 free-learning children in Hawaii in addition to being childbirth educators. In the video clip below, Piper and Chaz share with us an introduction to their birth experiences. Full discussion explores what is TMI in childbirth ed and the demystification of sexuality and birth. To view the full discussion of “The Most Empowering Experience” and full conference, please visit the conference page. Receive 50% OFF until December 21st using discount code: Thanks50

“That was beautiful, ya’ll. You are an inspiration and your little sugars are the epitome of what is good and right in the world. Thank you so much for sharing. Your stories ring with so much truth, it gives me happy goose bumps and joyful tears. Keep up the good work. Your last name is making ripples. Much love and respect to you both.” – Sierra’s response to Piper & Chaz’s Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference

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