Reflections of Gratitude from Hurricane Sandy

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Reflections of Gratitude from Hurricane Sandy


As I laid in my bed in northern New Jersey Tuesday morning listening to the remains of Sandy wind sings it’s song, slowly the light of the day allowed me to see the trees dancing to its tune in my back yard.  I am filled with gratitude for our safety.  Last night as the wind roared and trees fell, we lost power, yet our candles and flashlights brought us together to enjoy dinner and to watch the documentary I had downloaded –  Happy.  What a perfect night to consider what is happiness and what we are grateful for.  Cut off from the world, the internet, cell phones, grateful for family and friends and holding all in our thoughts and prayers that they too, while disconnected are safe and connected to those around them.

One of the elements of happy people is a sense of community, of purpose, of value.  Isn’t this the lessons of storms?  To gather us with our friends, family and community to help each other.  As the light of the day grows stronger, I know that for many Sandy’s winds were not as gentle as our fallen trees, branches and leaves that scatter our yard and our loss of power and phone.  I hope wherever you are, you are safe and feeling a sense of community and connection. 

The last two days have been filled with candlelight dinners, gatherings of family and friends, connecting.  I am reminded of this beautiful short video “Disconnect to get Connected”  When we return to basics we have the time to reflect on all we have gained from technology, but also what we are loosing if we don’t find the balance.

As I write it is now Thursday morning, we have rejoined the Grid.  For the first time we are able to see images of others in our region who suffered great loss.  New York City is slowly coming back, so many still without power and basic services.  Mass transit still days or weeks away from full service.  My beloved Jersey Shore and Asbury Park in ruins, but as the Bruce Springsteen song – initially written about Asbury Park, NJ My City of Ruins states we will Rise Up!  

One of the first emails into my inbox says: If something good can come out of this, it would be that Americans, having witnessed this, become fierce environment activists in order to slow down climate change before it’s too late!   There are many lessons to learn and ponder from Sandy.

My heartfelt prayers go out to all those who have suffered loss as I continue to hold everyone in our region in my thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you to so many of you who reached our with your love and prayers.  We feel them and so appreciate them and all our connections.

Love and light,


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