Happy Hour Podcast – Why do we always start with fear?

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I recently had the opportunity to be featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Happy Hour Podcast. It was really fun sharing my message of love, power, pleasure and ORGASMIC BIRTH with the host. The podcast just went live, and it was a really interesting podcast.


The theme is “Crazy Labor Stories” and the podcast is full of wild, crazy and scary labor stories.


This is such a common practice in our society, one we are currently facing in the US more than ever – beginning our conversations and learning with FEAR.


But which would you prefer- FEAR or POWER?

You can listen to our conversation beginning at 24 minutes and share on FaceBook what you thought about this conversation!


I’d love to hear your thoughts about how the world would be shaped differently if we started with power? [Tweet “Powerful birth, Powerful mother, Powerful advocate, Powerful woman. “]

Power that protects others…

loves others…

includes others…

POWER to learn

to listen

to care



“Baby on the way! Ready or not, some women give birth in unexpected circumstances. Host Elisa Benson sits down with Seventeen.com’s social media editor Ariel Nagi to chat with orgasmic birth expert Debra Pascali-Bonaro about childbirth.” Download now #Happyhour






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