Austria, Scotland, England

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Austria, Scotland, England  I am currently speaking in Graz Austria and had an opportunity to share Orgasmic Birth last night with a group of dedicated women who are working to improve care and support for women in Austria during pregnancy, labor and birth.  Their tears, healing and joy in seeing Orgasmic Birth and wanting to share the film with all the women in their community validates our intention to create a film that will open your heart and create a discussion of all that is possible in birth.  Last week I had the honor of attending our UK premiere of Orgasmic Birth in London, England and Glasgow, Scotland.  I also spoke at the International Confederation of Midwives Congress in Glasgow where there were over 3000 midwives from over 100 countries.  What an amazing gathering of powerful women who are leading the way to protect women’s rights and offer women safe, positive, empowering births around the world.  My 20 minute talk about Orgasmic Birth was so well received I was asked to present the session again the next morning as the room was so full, many people were not able to attend.  The name and the topic is creating quite a discussion.  Many of the midwives in attendance agreed it is time we talk about the pleasure of birth and birth as a part of a women’s sexual life.  We had midwives from many countries attend our Glasgow showing with fantastic comments and feedback. Positive feedback and comments  continue to come in from midwives around the world.  I look forward to posting feedback soon for you to see in our new section that will be available soon. Warmly, Debra

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