Give Birth and Parent Peacefully

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As an activist, mother, and grandmother I am grateful for my connection to the past, present, and to vision my dreams and desires for a peaceful world that honors and respects all people and their ability to give birth and parent peacefully.


I am grateful to teach around the world to see and hear how history and her/story are integrated into many different cultures including how the past affects birth and parenting around the world.


The tragedy that war’s oppression and violence leave behind are felt for generations as I could hear and feel so painfully in my recent trip to Slovakia.  Although the Iron Curtain came down in 1992 during Slovakia’s revolution, the oppression of women tragically lives on as women are put down – especially in childbirth as they are cut without permission, lacking informed decision making, and without the ability to choose where, with whom or how they give birth.


I often begin my workshops with the famous quote from Dr. Grantly Dick Read:"The childbirth practices of a nation are the reflections of that nations beliefs concerning the integrity and dignity of life and influence that nation for good or evil, & ultimately the world itself.” - Dr. Grantly Dick Read 

At the United Nations and in communities so many of us are coming together to empower girls and women to raise our voices saying #MeToo #MeTooBirth and now #KeepFamiliesTogether


My heart aches with the stories I hear in every country and in every culture of women suffering traumatic births at the hands of a patriarchal system. We now have the knowledge and science to know the harms that are caused from overuse of technology, lack of respect, lack of informed decision making and the under use of comfort, caring words and compassion.

In so many places I am hopeful people are changing their language and providing care rather than scare while seeking to do better.


Yet then to hear the trauma that my own country, the United States, is causing by separating parents and children at a vulnerable time when their need is the greatest and we’re choosing to spend more money to keep them apart then to put them back together. I have to question when will we see the sanctity and importance of raising the next generation with respect connection, peace, and love.


I would love to know how the leaders around the world that continue to devalue mothers, parents, and children were themselves birthed and cared for?


[Tweet “The time is now to protect our planet and future generations. As I see again and again in our doula workshops and birth keeper circles, LOVE HEALS.”]


Wherever you are in the world take a minute to send your loving thoughts to parents and children – especially those in need. Join or create a circle in your community, join a march to come together to heal each other and raise your voices and funds to support peaceful gentle births and parenting.  We each make a difference as Nicholas Kristof’s important book “Half the Sky” shows again and again. While my heart aches and my tears flow – I am determined to continue – we must all be strong for those who don’t have a voice and stand together as one for the children of the world are counting on us.


I look forward to hearing from you to learn what you are doing and/or vision to create a better future for children and parents.

Things you can do to #KeepFamiliesTogether


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