Sexy Scientific Birth: From High Tech to High Touch

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I take drugs, but only when I’m giving birth

How is it that we have become more comfortable with technology, drugs and artificial hormones in childbirth, while at the same time we are seeing a movement back towards natural food and a healthier lifestyle in the rest of our lives. How is it that we still have trouble trusting that nature provides us with all we need to find comfort and pleasure in childbirth by using our own natural tools?  

Gena McCarthy MFT says that “Entering the liminal space and time of birthing requires going beyond our ordinary ways of perceiving and being. In our modern technologically-oriented culture, with such an emphasis on being in control, these experiences can be perceived as threatening, frightening and overwhelming.”

Could this explain why people who meditate, pray, practice yoga, use hypnosis and other ways to trust going beyond what they know also find it easier to release into labor and in doing so to go beyond pain, feeling safe with their power and finding pleasure? It’s possible that by going into this altered state of consciousness, choosing to allow an inward focus, trusting intuition and going beyond the constraints of the world at the moment also allow them to find their deep strength within.

This inward focus is something we see somewhere else too…in orgasm. Try to imagine having a sexual experience, either alone or with a partner, and having strangers walk in and out, a monitor hooked up to you, lights on, conversation…distraction.  We all know that our brain must get out of the way to have sexual pleasure and release, and the very same hormones of sexuality must flow in the same sequence to give birth under our own power.  

If we learn to understand the impact of interfering with the environment and circumstances required to have a safe, satisfying sexual experience we will understand that the same elements are required to have a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth.

Science supports that by enhancing our love hormone – oxytocin, with touch, kissing, nipple stimulation, masturbation and (any way that turns you on) will help the hormones of birth flow optimally.

YES – a SEXY Birth is also scientific.

Watch the documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret (now available for download with subtitles!) and see how 7 couples take an intimate journey with birth.  Ask yourself:

  • What would it take for you to consider your sexuality a part of childbirth?
  • How can you feel comfortable in this liminal- altered state of consciousness?
  • How will you encourage the release of your natural  oxytocin in childbirth?  

If you are a caregiver or doula – what can you do to help support the natural hormonal flow in childbirth?  I would love to hear your answers to my questions and your thoughts about having a sexy birth full of pleasure and love – tweet me @OrgasmicBirth or find us on Facebook.

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