Tiny Words Rock Big Changes in Childbirth

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The last meme in our Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class #languageofbirth series is released (see slideshow below)!

Thank you for all the love! We have loved reading all your responses to the #languageofbirth series.

Love this. . . such a simple change, but can mean so much to a mum! – Birthright Hypnobirthing

We are excited to reveal the final meme, just in time for the language of birth classroom to open. Don’t forget to register for Pain to Power Winter Session to get the full language of birth experience with esteemed international childbirth teacher and inspirational speaker, Debra Pascali Bonaro who writes, “Mucus plug, contraction, water breaking, push, and deliver…. People have been saying these words for ages, so what’s wrong with continuing to use them?” As we now know, your choice of words can literally change your entire birth experience and Debra explores all this in the Pain to Power class – via exclusive, never before seen videos, live webinars with Debra, downloadable PDFs exercises exploring your language of birth, personalized birth wish preparation, visual inspirations, extensive resources from the one of the top birth advocates in the world, plus much, much more. You will be amazed to see how using a more positive language can change your entire experience. To get started, listen to the birth story of Virginie, a Pain to Power alumni, who shares how adjusting a few small words made an incredible difference to their birth experience.

Click to hear more from Virginie's Healing BirthVirginie shares how changing her language a little and introducing more positive thoughts to her subconscious made all the difference! Another example of how little words are making big changes in childbirth!

The Big Reveal!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.55.53 AM
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Let’s honor nutritive, gentle language- check out the final meme @  series!



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