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Closing Hormonal Gaps When Giving Birth by Cesarean

While pre-labor cesarean sections can lead to hormone gaps for MotherBaby, beginning labor before the cesarean birth can limit these effects. This allows hormones such as catecholamine to surge and ready the baby to exit the womb. Skin to skin contact and breastfeeding are post-labor ways to bridge the hormone gap as well. Find out more about Dr. Sarah Buckley's perspectives on gentle cesarean births.

Home Birth Skeptic to Believer

When I became a doula 5 months after my VBAC birth, I didn’t “believe” in home birth. As if home birth needs me to believe in it (ha!). And less than a year and a half later I would be giving birth in a fishy pool in my living room. I had preconceived notions about home birth being unsafe, about mothers and babies dying, about home birth being something only radical and rebellious people did (I hadn’t quite tuned into that part of my life yet). And yet, when I decided on my youngest son’s 1st birthday to have another baby, and subsequently found myself pregnant 3 weeks later, I couldn’t help but feel curious about it.

Birth in the Sea

When you were planning to give birth, how many choices of location did you consider? 1, 2, 3? I am always reminded of my dear friend and colleague Roberta Scarer’s quote, “if you don’t know your options you don’t have … Continued


I coped so well through that labour. I was lying in bed but comfortable, totally in lala labourland. But at one point a nurse came in and tried asking me some questions. I was so in the zone that I could only answer with a slight nod of my head. "She must know better than me..." She then told me “I know you wanted to avoid the epidural but if you can’t even speak with me now how on earth are you going to push a baby out?”.

The Bali Birth of Augustus

I woke up around 5am due to a light ache in my belly. I knew that it was a beginning and I felt very quiet. I just knew that we would meet very soon and decided to continue sleeping and give Arturas time to rest. Every morning we had the same things: fresh papayas, oatmeal with dates, sesame seeds and peanut butter, but this time it felt different. It was a strange feeling overall, I felt slow, everything I did was slower than usual, thinking, moving around, almost like taking time to experience every moment in full. I felt like I had a secret which no one saw or knew about. But there were special processes within me - the little one was coming into this world.

Trusting my power

I felt strong and capable. There was little left, and after some pushing, Tereza's little body also came out. Guinho took our daughter, took the cord ring and handed it to me. I took my big, slippery baby in my arms. I looked at her face, I smelled her smell, I cried, I cried with joy.

A Peaceful Induced Birth ​

I fell back to using my hypnobirthing practices, telling myself to breathe through each contraction rather than letting myself get upset and tense. I genuinely feel that this mindset is what allowed me to have such a peaceful and wonderful birthing experience. I climbed onto all fours and leaned my top half over a beanbag for support. My body told me to sway my hips back and forth and I gave in, listening to every cue that I was being given.

Ruhi Iris Rain Birth Story

I’m pretty sure that you were conceived just before Christmas and during one of the craziest storms I’ve ever experienced. I was supporting someone as their doula at the birth centre here in Ubud, and Daddy was in Java working. The energy from the birth combined with that of the storm made for a crazy night. I was taking a quick breather outside the birth room in the middle of the night, when one of the midwives walked past and said, “I didn’t know that you were pregnant”. “I’m not” I replied. Suastini looked at me funny. I later learned that she has an innate intuition for knowing when people are pregnant. Sometimes, it turns out, even before they do themselves. You were also born during an epic storm on the night that the following rainy season started. It rained through the roof of our house and in through the ceiling of the room we were birthing in. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Birth Story of Indira

Daddy and I were swimming in a lagoon off of Tsoi Lik, when it occurred to me that my bleeding was almost a week late, which never happened. In fact, after almost three and a half years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, we were near to giving up hope of having a baby. Grandma had come to Papua New Guinea on holiday and the three of us were adventuring in New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea’s most remote. Floating in that magical lagoon, I took deep calming breaths. I could be pregnant. I told Papa.

Your Birth, My Day

So I began to envision my upcoming birth. I wrote a detailed birth plan – things to resolve, changes to make and an experience to embrace. Even without taking one test or sonogram during pregnancy, I remained positive about my body’s natural ability to birth my baby. I began a process of undoing some of the fearful thinking that had prevented me from experiencing motherhood on a more blissful level. I also began internalizing the belief that birth – as with other aspects of life – is very much a self-fulfilling prophecy. My state of mind will determine its outcome. Friday night the week spring arrived, I lit Shabbat candles and began feeling signs of labor. I sat on the couch reading a newspaper as my almost-five-year-old daughter played in the empty birthing pool my husband had pumped up earlier. We wouldn’t fill it with water until I was ready to get inside so that the water would be warm.
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Birth Stories

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Birth Stories


I experienced orgasmic labor/birth with all of my children: with my first child my orgasmic birth was an overwhelming surprise; with my second child I joyously reveled in it; with my third, I eagerly awaited it! Each of my births, and the energy surrounding them, were unique, exquisite, intense, and beautiful. The only common thread among them was my mind and heart being open to the ecstasy of the birthdance and a willingness to follow that dance wherever it would lead me. Read more


I used HypnoBirthing to have my baby. There is a relaxation exercise in the class where mothers are encouraged to decide what it will be that they will feel with each surge. I chose ecstasy. Women are so suggestive in labor. During a late surge my husband, who was holding me, suggested to me to feel the orgasm of it and I did and that was what the intensity I felt was. It was a wonderful intimate time full of sensation. It was a private home experience and that had a lot to do with it as well. J of Utah Read more


Around the middle of my pregnancy I stopped telling people that I wanted a natural birth. I was tired of hearing that I was naive or that I was not going to be able to do it. It was what I wanted so badly that hearing other people’s opinions hurt me. So, my husband and I listened to our Hypnobirthing CDs every night, and held each other as we waited for our baby. About two weeks before my due date I started have Braxton-Hicks contractions. I knew that it was not real labor, so I tired to ignore them so that I would not over excite my already very excited husband. Read more

Meditative mama

My third baby was born at home. It was a planned, unassisted, waterbirth. Deep meditation, aromatherapy, flower essences, and accupressure, were all utilized. Overall labor was 4.5 hours. It was truly a beautiful, peaceful, powerful, and pleasurable birth! The baby descended, spiraling into the water as I experienced the most heightend, pleasurabe sensations of my life. He did not cry after gently floating to the surface of the warm water. Read more

A wave of love engulfed me forever!

I gave birth to both my sons at home in water in 2002 and again in 2004. The first birth I tensed up during contractions and did not dilate as fast as my midwife would have liked, so she broke my waters. That was at 9.30 pm. I was three centimeters dilated. After that, dilation went so fast that I was pushing less than two hours later. The pushing took only 5 minutes and with two contractions he was born!! That’s when the ecstacy began. Actally about an hour later, when everyone left and I got up close to his tiny face sleeping on my husband’s chest. Read more

Dancing on the edge

My birth story starts with the medicated hospital birth of my first-born. I had given birth to her in a great deal of pain, on my back, and feeling cold and alone. As I gazed into the eyes of my precious little girl who had been separated from me for 20min, I kissed her sweet fuzzy head while clutching her to my breast and promised myself to search for a better way to guide my babies into the world. Read more

Orgasm a tool for birth

I am a mother of three great kids, birth coach and doula and want to share with you a special story. Read more

Most amazing moment of my life

I labored for more than 12 hours with my first baby, most of that in the hospital. He was OP (occiput posterior), and my back labor was excruciating. But he finally turned and was born a short time later. Immediately after he came out, I felt this flood of pleasure, akin to the feelings right before an orgasm, and I knew if someone (me, my husband, or even a doctor or nurse accidentally) touched my clitoris, I would have exploded in orgasm. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Read more

Breathing through labor

I knew of the special gift of ecstatic birth with my pregnancy with my first child and I was fortunate enough to experience it in my husbands arms, being joined with him again as we welcomed the truest expression of our love. Even though he was “sunny side up” with a nuchal arm it was a precipitous and gentle birth. My son literally rode a wave to being born. The reason I am sharing though is not because of my first experience, but my second. Read more

Let me choose what is best for me

This birth story cannot be fully understood unless you know about the birth of my first child, a beautiful, spirited boy, Gabriel Kelly. I was naive and uneducated about birth; I had no clue that there were any options other than having an obstetrician in a hospital. My 18-hour labor started early one morning with my water breaking at home. Read more

We follow nature

Eli’s birth story doesn’t begin with my water breaking. It really begins with the support of the childbirth educators who empowered me and offered the revelation that there are birthing options. Without them, I would have continued to believe in the limits of prenatal care (dipping a stick in my urine, checking my weight and warning me of the various fetal maladies by another OB in my five minute checkup.) In this system, I understood that labor can only take place in a hospital with interventions and that giving birth is a medical event. Read more

I did it, I did it all by myself!

Thursday evening, December 28, 2006, I was ready to have my third baby. When I went to bed that night, I made peace that it was the end of my pregnancy. When I awoke on Friday morning, I had irregular labor hugs that started 12 minutes apart and later went to 18 minutes apart. I thought it was practice labor, because I’d been having it so often in the weeks before; I thought it would go away and we’d wait some more. Read more

It was pure bliss

The Affirmations are from the HypnoBirthing® Institute and have been used with permission from Marie Mongan. Here is our story… Our family would like to share the great news that Clark Douglas Arthur arrived Thursday, March 20th at 1:45am at the time of the Spring Vernal Equinox. He was received into the hands of his mother and father. Clark weighed 7.2lbs and was 19” long at birth. Fully expecting to carry our baby beyond 40 weeks, Todd and I were both very surprised when my membranes released at 11:45pm on the evening of March 19th. Read more

We laughed together

I had all of my four children at home with midwives in attendance. Each birth became a more joyous and easy experience as I learned over the years to allow the energy of birth to take over, and to surrender to it. I also learned to limit “observers”, and to take time alone to get into a transcendent place inside myself. Read more

You can’t ask for much better than that

My husband and I planned our first baby’s birth at home. We try to do things as naturally and healthily as possible. We found a great midwife in the area and my pregnancy was wonderful. We attended Bradley Method classes and I really liked and used the self-hypnosis method. During active labor I just closed my eyes, listened to Enya’s CD and transported myself to a beautiful river with my husband. We were in a canoe and looking at all the beautiful sights of nature. Read more

We are so glad to meet you

My sweet Shaiya, Read more

My beautiful VBAC

Khyah Kahmari Bliss is my fifth child. My third was a miraculous homebirth and my fourth had been scheduled to be a homebirth but my midwife went out of town and my rising blood pressure led me to be frightened into going to hospital and ending up with a c-section. I waited 9 years to have another baby and I healed my body and became the healthiest I have ever been in my life because I didn’t want another c-section ever again. Read more

Natural mama

My four births have been life changing. The first was in a hospital, with all the interventions you might expect. He was overdue and I was young. I had read “Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin when I first found out I was pregnant. I had four hours of labor, an epidural and forceps, but nonetheless I felt it was a good birth. Read more

I felt wonderful, no pain at all

I woke up at 5:00am that morning thinking, “Here we go again, another false alarm.” I had been having prodromal labor for a few weeks at this point and was getting frustrated and emotional by it. I just wanted things to be real already! I got up and went to the bathroom. Things felt a little differently from what I had been feeling over the past few weeks but I wasn’t going to put any merit to it yet. I went back to bed but couldn’t get comfortable so I decided to take a bath. The feeling didn’t go away. In fact, it became more wonderfully intense. Read more

Release, relax, let go

Our journey started at 10:00pm on January 5th, 2006 with our water breaking with a full gush of fluid. My husband called our midwife and doula to let them know and to see what we should do next. We are Hypno-Birthing parents and were excited and ready to labor. By midnight the surges were productive and coming closer together. I remember talking on the phone to my friends and laughing with my husband. I was not in pain. I was in a total hypnotic state, fully aware, yet in a blissful calm. My parents, midwife and doula arrived at our home as we got closer to the birth. Read more

This woman felt so safe

This story is from a midwife’s point of view. Don’t birthing women teach us so very much? I was attending a delivery for a client at the Bryn Mawr Birth Center a few years ago when I had the following experience. Read more

That last hour flew by

Unfortunately, we had to have a hospital birth. I’d want nothing more than to go back and have a midwife and a doula. However, I had a lot of complications in my pregnancy including a threatened miscarriage, hyperemesis, and preeclampsia, the latter being the most difficult. My beautiful son was born June 14th, 2007. We went to the doctor that day knowing I might quite possibly be induced since my blood pressure kept getting higher and higher. My obstetrician decided that at 37 weeks, it was time to deliver for the sake of the baby’s health and mine. Read more

Give my body the control

I do not want to hear that I had an easy birth anymore. It was not easy, but it was amazing. I had prepared for it. That is the only secret. I am not more pain resistant than other people; I cried like a baby when I got my ears pierced! When I became pregnant I knew that I wanted a natural birth. I felt like I owed it to my baby to make his entry into this world as safe and comfortable as possible for him, which meant NO DRUGS! I knew I could gain so much from this experience. Read more

Passionate about natural birth

While my birth wasn’t necessarily orgasmic, in the usual sense anyway, it was definitely one of the most intensely sexual and sensual experiences of my life. It was the most empowering, amazing thing I’ve ever done! Read more

Janet’s free birth

What are the sounds of a home birth? In July I birthed my daughter right here in my study. Normally this room has the tapping of keys on my computer, the fortunately silent but reproachful stare of the clean washing piling up and the murmuring of cats nesting in it. Read more

Melissa’s free birth

When I first conceived there were 2 things I was sure of; I knew I was carrying a girl, and I knew that I didn’t want to go anywhere near a hospital to birth her. This was going to be my third birth journey. The other 2 had been drug free, relatively intervention free, hospital births. This time things were different. I had complete confidence in my body’s ability to birth my baby and I knew that the best environment for me to birth would be on my own. I knew that when birthing I entered a zone and that this time I wanted to create an environment that supported this mind frame. Read more

Ecstatic and life changing

Twenty-six years ago I gave birth to my only son in a community hospital, with a nurse midwife and his father at my side. I had the unusual and wonderful experience of being compassionately and expertly attended by midwives who worked in a local, slightly non-traditional obstetric practice. Read more

Smiling while pushing

It was amazing!!  I am so happy.  All the positive thinking really, really paid off.   Read more

Lith’s Intimate Birth

We held one another in our candle-lit lounge room and swayed back and forth, our hips danced together. My face buried into his body during the labour rushes. When the rushes subsided we stood together, our foreheads touching, we embraced like we were the only two people in the world.   Earlier in the labour when I wanted to rest lying down made my body tensed. It was uncomfortable and painful, unless my baby’s father laid by my side, then I could let go. Whenever he touched me my discomfort eased, he was better than any heat pack.   Read more

Lea’s Three Births

Owen’s Birth Story  Owen is our first child; he was born on Friday, August 23, 2002 at 4:42 AM.   We had been planning a homebirth since very early on, and were under the care of a pair of midwives.  At about 35 weeks, we’d hired a doula as well.  We’d bought the homebirth kit, and all the added supplies that were suggested.  Our bedroom was set up in a way that would allow the midwife the best access to lighting and outlets.   Read more

A star in our family

When I phoned Debra in the US to be with me here in Austria in her thoughts, I had just come back from a walk with my daughters and my best friend, who had come from Germany that day.  My daughters wanted to show me a stream I didn’t know of near our house.  So I spent the early labour time there at the stream in the sun with the birds singing and my daughters and my friend around me.  I felt so connected to the earth and the universe and the power of women.   Read more

A day almost like any other

Read more

I am so happy right now

Odin Jacob Jackson Born at home around 1:15 pm, in the water Weight: 9 lbs, 10 oz 21 inches long   I am so happy right now.  This homebirth went exactly as I wanted it to, as we wanted it to.  It couldn’t have gone more perfectly and I feel like the Lord was blessing us with this.  We needed this and he gave it to us.  I made some notes in my journal when labor started and looking back on it I am filled with happiness, good nostalgia and tears of joy for experiencing such an amazing blessing from the Lord. Read more

During labor I was actually singing

I’d like to announce the birth of Haylie Peyton, born September 3, 2008 at 6:10pm.  It was amazing!  On September 2, 2008 I began having contractions.  I thought nothing of it as I’d had contractions off and on for weeks, some of which were regular for hours on end.  So naturally this time I assumed it wasn’t the real deal.   Read more

Still, I honored my body

My prenatal journey is where everything spoke for itself the fears, the tears, the worry and deep concern the work, the commitment, the hope, the goal battlefield page after page Still, I honored my body enjoyed several orgasms daily to keep connected to the joy of arousal Single status Fingers all some of us are doing this alone… Girls fell asleep somewhere before nine journal entry invites me to bathe Hot water makes my own hot water gush down my legs Got out of tub woke up my daughters Together we watched brother be born on the living room floor The Big O! Read more

I was needing to call out

I saw Orgasmic Birth in New Jersey last week and I had an experience I thought you might be interested in hearing. Read more

The birth of Grace Alexandra

Read more

Krista’s Painless Birth

When I became pregnant with my first child I read as much as I could on the birthing experience from many different sources.  I knew a pain free birth was indeed possible but I didn’t expect it to be that way for me.  I wanted to be ready for the worst and mentally prepared myself for any and all forms of pain medications if needed.  When I went to my 36-week appointment with my doctor she found that I was 4 cms dilated.  I wasn’t feeling any contractions or any indication that I was dilating.  We weren’t too concerned and at my next visit around 38 weeks she found that I was dilated to 7cms!  Read more

Welcoming Jasper James

It was a few days after the estimated date of our first child, and I was a little anxious.  I was so excited, and ready to meet our little one.  I was getting a few Braxton- Hicks contractions and sometimes they seemed quite strong and coming pretty regularly, I had never been in labour before so I had no idea if it was the real thing or not.  Every time I would get my hopes up that our tiny angel was on their way, I would go and lie down or go to bed and they would disappear. When was I actually going to go into labour?   Read more

Unplanned Czech-German Home Birth

We left Prague, Czech Republic, just to have our first child in Dresden, Germany.  In the Czech Rep. you only have the choice of an anonymous clinical birth in a hospital or a home birth.  Even though we wished to have a natural birth, as promoted by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, we were not really prepared to go for a home birth – at least not for the first child. Read more

Never thought I’d have my baby at home

I never thought I’d have my baby at home.  I unintentionally bought into the idea that normal was having my baby with an OB in the hospital ~ where I could be close to life saving or pain lessening interventions if I needed them.  At the urging of a friend, I considered a midwife.  Within a week, I was matched with an incredible woman who will always remind me of Cinderella’s fairy godmother.  Her gentleness & wisdom surrounding birth were like being enveloped in the best hug ever. Read more

Orgasmic Twins!

I had my twins a few months before your movie came out. I was able to watch your trailer, but it was enough to implant the idea of having an orgasm during the birth. I had a sacred, beautiful home birth with my daughter, but I was having concerns about my upcoming birth with my twins because I was told that I had to birth my boys in the operating in the operating room. I was worried about being over managed leading to stress and fear during my birth. I had a wonderful doula and a supportive husband, and things went wonderfully. Read more

Gail’s Orgasmic Birth…1989

I am so glad I found this website after reading a news article on line. I thought I was the only woman in the world to have experienced such joy in giving birth to my daughter 21 years ago. Read more

Rachel Welcomes Ezra Shea

Easter weekend, I had loads of Braxton-Hicks contractions, so I was pleasantly surprised when I woke Tuesday morning, 4-14-09, to a different kind of contraction. Starting around 5 a.m. the contractions felt a bit more painful, lingering in the small of my back and across my entire belly, lasting for around 30-40 seconds and coming every 10-12 minutes. I went ahead and started getting the kids ready for school. Read more

Relaxation and no fear

I have 4 wonderful children aged 6, 4, 2, and 1 and all my births were very relaxed as I did hypnobirthing. During my labors I was asleep as I was relaxed thanks to my husband who got me in that state with relaxation techniques. Although my first birth went for 36 hours because my baby daughter got stuck, it only felt like a couple of hours as I was asleep. The doctors were amazed that my baby’s heartbeat did not change, even when they used the vacuum to get her out. My other births were all under 2 hours and I just let my body do the work and relax my mind to not fight my body. Read more

Half in, half out

I have been greatly blessed in my life to have been nurtured and guided by many wise women in the ways of natural childbirth and gentle parenting. I wish to share a bit of my birth stories so that I too may help and inspire other mothers. I have given birth to three babies…one in the hospital, one at a birth center and one at home. Read more

Anthony’s Birth as told by his Mother, Amy Biasucc

  Read more

Home Sweet Home …. A Father’s Story

  Home Sweet Home “Honey…I was thinking…” That’s how it all starts. Your wife, glowing in the aura of pregnancy, gently asks you the question you never expected to hear. “…maybe we should have this baby at home.” If this happens then-no matter what kind of guy you are-I hope you wisely keep your mouth shut and hold on to a docile, sunny face that says, “Honey-I-love-you-more-now-than-ever-before.” Read more

Trust in your body ….

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Quiet and Peaceful

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