Vaginal Strengthening without all the kegels

So many women are concerned about their postpartum recoveries…

Will my vagina go back to the way it was?

Will sex no longer be enjoyable?

Will I have urinary incontinence?

Kim Anami, is a globe-trotting coach, national media commentator and luxury retreat curator with a book in the works, a bodaciously blooming business, and a collection of couture crystal and maribou dildos. She divides her time between Bali and Los Angeles and a host of beaches in between, where she not only lives and surfs, but lifts objects with her vagina.

Kim tells us that “urinary incontinence is not normal, it has become normalized.”

And really, most of our problems sexually go back to the “non-vagina” a weak vagina that has a lack of circulation, lubrication and feeling.

Our sexual energy is our life force energy – it creates babies, it sparks creativity, and it heals our minds, bodies and souls.

Download my chat with Kim where she shares the history of the Jade Egg and why we need our vaginas to be strong for birth, sex, life and healing.

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